ToFnLED Water Level Sensor


Kit includes:

  • I2C Qwiic cable.
  • Two magnets (twice the diameter and much more powerful than the normal ones).
  • Populated PCB
  • 3D printed ABS housing of my own design. You will need glue for the magnets.

Consider a 2.8 inch display upgrade kit:

2.8 inch Display Upgrade – Matter-Replicator

Also, please consider a build kit:

Deluxe (upgraded) Build kit for V3 PCB – Matter-Replicator

Or maybe you have those and just want a PCB enclosure?

PCB V3 Enclosure – Matter-Replicator

  • Limited stock, and I do not plan to get more when they sell out. If the website allows the order, they are still in stock. 

Follow instructions on the official page.

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Public domain source from Github: GitHub – banoz/ToFnLED: ToF sensor + RGB LED

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