Deluxe (upgraded) Build kit, including 3D printed parts and V3 PCB with real Oetiker clamps.


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Photo shown with items that are not included, such as the machine itself and the grinder.


While the other “official kit” may look like a low price at first – wait until you do the checkout process. They have shipping, “handling,” and PayPal fees that are often $60 or more!

My kit is only a small amount more, has no hidden junk fees, has faster shipping, and many extra sparts. This deluxe kit comes with many upgrades from the official kit, such as a 3D printed front-mounted magnetic display housing, 3D printed magnetic PCB housing, a larger screen, real Oetiker-brand clamps, and additional parts. The “official” kit has been coming with a small OEM version of the Nextion display that requires Chinese language software to update. Mine come with genuine and larger Nextion displays made for the US market with English software.

It’s a lot more stuff, making it a much better deal and resulting in a better-looking completed machine.

If you have a new EVO model, then the Classic Pro kit works for that also as it is electrically the same. You just have to splice into the connector differently.

If you already placed your order, it should be shipped around the date that this listing said at the time that you placed the order. Orders placed today are expected to ship the first week in January.

Shipped from the USA. Use my build-videos to help with assembly. Continue reading below for what is included and what is not included.

See video about this here:


You might also want a ToFNLED Water lever sensor (limited supply, see link to check if still in stock).

ToFnLED Water Level Sensor – Matter-Replicator

Note: Some European-model espresso machines have an “Eco Board” that is designed to shut off the machine after 20 minutes to save power. The install for these machines involves at the least removing the Eco board, and some people recommend a complete re-wire. If your machine has this, you would have to improvise the install.

Warning: Some of these parts connect to high-voltage power. You should not attempt assembly without experience working safely with electricity. This means unplug everything from power before touching it. You assume all risk by assembling this and release the sellers from any liability.

Note this includes the 2.8 inch display, not the 2.4 inch that most people use. The 2.8 inch display is larger and easier to see and use, but it is best when front mounted as there is not a lot of room on the top due to the water-filler area. The 2.8 inch display is compatible with the normal code because it is the same 320×240 pixels. However, you must load the .HMI file into Nextion Editor and select 2.8 inch and 270 degree orientation for the device. Then same out the .TFT file for it to work. This is easy and takes only a minute.

This kid includes some things that are not in the official BOM.

Kit includes:

  • 3D printed front display housing
  • 3D printed PCB enclosure
  • Qty 1 V3 PCB
  • Qty 2 single-row header pins (as a socket for the STM32)
  • Qty 4 Piggyback Female Spade Connectors (more than needed)
    Qty 1 304 Stainless-steel 6mm Barb Tee (Classic Pro) or 6mm push connect (Classic)
    Qty 1 304 Stainless-steel 1/4 inch socket (Classic Pro) or PEmm (Classic)
    Qty 1 G1/4 pressure sensor 1.2Mpa
    Qty ~8 Red Male Terminals (more than needed)
    Qty ~12 Red Female Terminals (more than needed)
    Qty 1 JST 4P
    Qty 3 JST 3P
    ~1.0 meters of 18 AWG Silicon wire in three colors
    ~1.0 meters of 26 AWG Silicon wire in five colors
    Qty 1 40A SSR
    Qty 1 M4 temperature sensor
    Qty 1 genuine 2.8 inch Nextion Display (This is for front mounting, not top mounting)
    Qty 1 STLink STM32 Debugger interface
    Qty 1 STM32F411CEU6 STM21 Blackpill
    Qty 2 60x10x3mm bar magnets (to mount the display to the front)
    Qty 1 Genuine Saeco factory tubing piece, (Classic Pro) or PTFE tubing (Classic)
    Qty 1 Silicon O-ring
    Some ~2.5mm Heat-shrink tubing
    Some Cable Ties
  • October update Qty 4 Genuine Oetiker stainless-steel chinch clamps, size 16700004.
  • October update – Now includes Locktite 55 thread sealant again.


What you will still need:

You will need solder, a soldering iron, and I recommend magnifying eyeglasses.

A crimp tool for the wire terminals.

Wire strippers, screwdrivers, and other small tools.

Glue for the magnets as double-stick tape is not good enough. Superglue might be ok. Epoxy is ideal.

The Pro kit has Oetiker clamps, and ideally you should use an Oetiker or PEX chinch pliers to close them. I have tried it with regular pliers, and it worked, but the proper tool is the correct method.


The Gaggiuino logo and name is © Zer0-bit. This site is not affiliated with the creators of the project. This kit is not a consumer product. It is for research purposes. No refunds.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 3 in

Classic, Classic Pro