4.3 inch Display Upgrade




This is for people who have a smaller display and want to upgrade. The display is angled at 30 degrees.

Kit includes:

  • 4.3 inch Intelligent Series Nextion Display.
  • Five high power magnets
  • 3D Printed front-mount display housing using high-temperature Carbon Fiber PETG material.


Display software not included, and you need to check suitability for your application as we are just selling parts to help you reach your goal. You can ask about this in the Facebook group Gaggiuino Builders about the state of the software development as it is not finished yet and is under development.

Steve Nofs’ code is on his github: GitHub – SteveNofs/Gaggiuino_35: Netion 3.5″ updated Home Screen, Manual Brew page, and LED control page; Updated 2.4″/2.8″ Nextion interface.

Note: We usually supply the resistive version because it works with wet fingers. If resistive in in short supply, we may substitute the capacitive version.  Also note that the 4.3″ LCD cannot be used to calibrate hardware scales. This doesn’t matter for nearly all users, but if you do end up wanting hardware scales, you may need to borrow a smaller LCD from someone if you don’t already have one.


Grinder and espresso machine not included.

The Gaggiuino logo and name is © Zer0-bit. This site is not affiliated with the creators of the project. This kit is not a consumer product. It is for research purposes. No refunds.

Additional information

Weight 4.8 oz