4.3 inch Display Upgrade (Printed Part Only)





This has a 30 degree angle.

The kit of this listing includes:

  • Five high power magnets
  • 3D Printed front-mount display housing using Carbon Fiber PETG high-temperature material.

The screen for this will need a custom .TFT file that is under development. If you are unsure of this, you can ask in the Facebook group Gaggiuino Builders.

Note: Even though the photo shows the LCD, this listing doesn’t include the 4.3″ LCD itself. If you need the LCD, then get this version: 

4.3 inch Display Upgrade – matter replicator (matter-replicator.com)

Code for the LCD is available here: GitHub – SteveNofs/Gaggiuino_35: Nextion 3.5″ updated Home Screen, Manual Brew page, and LED conrol page; Updated 2.4″/2.8″ Nextion interface.

Grinder, LCD panel, and espresso machine not included.

The Gaggiuino logo and name is © Zer0-bit. This site is not affiliated with the creators of the project. This kit is not a consumer product. It is for research purposes. No refunds.

Additional information

Weight 4.5 oz