PCB V3 Enclosure




As of 8/20/2023, this is included in my deluxe kit.

This is a two-piece enclosure where the PCB slides into the base.  The cover then snaps onto the base and has a few nice features.

At any time, you can remove the cover and the PCB will still be mounted on the inside wall of the machine. When you need to, you can just slide the PCB upward to remove it from the base.

  • There are slots for the wires so that you can remove the cover without having to unplug wires.
  • there are holes on the top so that you can cable-tire tires to them if you want.
  • There is a large opening over the STM32 that allows access to the three buttons as well as the programming pins.
  • There is a cutout over the main terminals to provide clearance for taller spade connectors.
  • there is an opening in front of the USB port for access.
  • Includes a bar magnet.


Build videos:



This is not printed in PLA. We ship this printed in temperature-resistant materials. Actual color may vary and could be black or white.

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Build kits here: https://www.matter-replicator.com/product/gaggia-build-kit-for-v3-pcb-for-gaggia-classic-pro/

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Weight 1.3 oz