You will get QTY 1 of the PCB without a Blackpill.

This comes pre-soldered and has a socket for the STM32.

You can buy this as part of a full kit. If you buy the kit, it comes with this.



The is the public domain V3 PCB that people normally get from the Discord group buy or github.

You might also want a ToFNLED Water lever sensor. Limited supply. Check link to see if still in stock:

ToFnLED Water Level Sensor – Matter-Replicator

Note that you get quantity 1, not all that are in the photo.


Software install video:



Warning: Some of these parts connect to high-voltage power. You should not attempt assembly without experience working safely with electricity. This means unplug everything from power before touching it. You assume all risk by assembling this and release the sellers from any liability. Populated PCBs are only rated to 70-80C, so consider a way to not let them overheat inside the machine.

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This product is licensed from the creator under Creative Commons CC0 Public Domain license. banoz (Vas) (github.com) This is not a consumer product. It is an experimental prototype sample for research purposes. No refunds.





Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4 × 1.5 × 1 in