2.8 inch Display Upgrade



Do you wish that you had a larger front-mounted display? Here is the easiest way to get that.

Kit includes:

  • 2.8 inch Nextion Display
  • Two high power magnets
  • 3D Printed front-mount display

If you get a full build kit, this stuff is already included.

Deluxe (upgraded) Build kit for V3 PCB – Matter-Replicator

Maybe you also want a water-level sensor?

ToFnLED Water Level Sensor – Matter-Replicator

Or maybe you have those and just want a PCB enclosure?

PCB V3 Enclosure – Matter-Replicator


To make this work, load your .TFT display file into the Nextion editor, and set it to 2.8 inch Discovery Nextion display, and set the angle to 270. Save the new .HMI and flash the display with it. Display doesn’t come with software installed due to the project creator’s restrictive license.

Grinder and espresso machine not included.

The Gaggiuino logo and name is © Zer0-bit. This site is not affiliated with the creators of the project. This kit is not a consumer product. It is for research purposes. No refunds.