3.5 inch Display Upgrade (Printed Parts Only)



The kit of this listing includes:

  • Two high power magnets
  • 3D Printed front-mount display

Display software not included. Steve Nofs did a conversion and posted it to the Gaggiuino Facebook group. It seems to work, but this is experimental and subject to change.

This listing doesn’t include the 3.5″ LCD itself. If you need the LCD, then get this version: 

3.5 inch Display Upgrade – matter replicator (matter-replicator.com)




Grinder and espresso machine not included.

The Gaggiuino logo and name is © Zer0-bit. This site is not affiliated with the creators of the project. This kit is not a consumer product. It is for research purposes. No refunds.



Additional information

Weight 4.5 oz