Turbo Levo (up to) 38T Chain Guide Adaptor


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Ships to USA, Canada, UK, Germany, and all other countries.

Not compatible with most of the 2022 models. Which ones, I am not sure.

Adding a 36 or 38T chainring to your 2019, 2020, and 2021 Specialized Turbo Levo will allow you to go over 20 mph without having to pedal at 100 or more rpm. There is no downside because the largest rear sprocket is way more than enough to climb any hill. This is a benefit with or without a speed de-restrictor such as my recommended Planet3.

The problem is, the normal Chain Guide only works up to 34T, unless you Mickey Mouse it by turning it at a 90 degree angle – which just looks Goofy and does not constrain the chain in the most important direction – upward.

Want to preserve the factory look? Want to have some protection from chain pinch on your leg or clothing? Buy this adaptor that replaces the back side of the factory guide.

Two parts are included, but you would just use the one that you prefer. One is like the factory guide, and one is of minimalist design that provides more clearance in case you need it, especially if you end up doing a 12-speed conversion later. Alternatively, you can convert two bikes by using one of each.

Installed it on my 2020, looks factory and smart how you offer 2 versions (tried both but like the minimalistic one to start). Fast service and a good product – nice work and thank you for helping me correct this ugly area on my new bike. Ran a 38T on my 2018 I traded in and first thing I changed on my 2020 as hate spinning out…” – GN

Designed and manufactured in the USA. I make these myself using Stereolithograhy (SLA) 3D printing from engineering-grade liquid polymer. They are UV cured and then the washed in alcohol.

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