Carbon Fiber Deslackinators™ for SRAM® Guide, Code-R, Code RS, and G2-R Brakes


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Available in standard or Carbon Fiber.

Hate the slack in your SRAM Guide, Code-R, Code RS, or G2-R levers? Do you wish your MTB came with the higher-end SRAM® RSC brakes so that you had contact point adjustment? I did. It probably would have only cost the bike company another $30 to have used them, but then they would have a harder time selling their higher-end bikes – so, they cheaped out. Maybe you got used to them, or have never tried fully adjustable levers.

Now to fix that problem, you need $300 levers and $100 to install them. Sure, you could do it yourself, but you would need to buy the bleed kit and DOT 54 or 5.1 fluid. One way or another, it is $300-$500, or a lot of time.

I didn’t want to deal with all that, so I invented these – brake Deslackinators™ for SRAM® by Robert Silvers and Runaway Technology, Inc. You get a left/right set of 5 (standard) or six (Carbon Fiber) different thicknesses (10-12 pieces total), and then just snap on the ones which give you the best feel without impeding free wheel-spin. My brakes went from terrible to better than my XT and XTR because I had the best of both worlds – close contact as well as perfect progression.

These do not work on Level-T brakes because they don’t have the reach-adjust screw that these snap on to.

Designed and manufactured in the USA. I make these myself using Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing from engineering-grade liquid polymer. They are UV cured and then the washed in alcohol. The Carbon Fiber have a textured finish and are made of high-temperature Nylon that is infused with small carbon fibers for rigidity.

Robert Silvers is an inventor and artist who has 16 patents worldwide. Deslackinator and Deslackinators are a Trademark of Robert Silvers, Runaway Technology, Inc. Design copyright© 2019, Robert Silvers, Runaway Technology, Inc. Date Trademark first used in commerce – Sept 14th, 2019.

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