Tesla Model 3 / Y Console Locking Container


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There are about 70 smash and grabs in San Francisco every day. If you wanted a locking container but didn’t want to spend $230-$260 for the all-metal ones that are currently for sale, this is for you.

Made from tough plastic that is 5mm thick. What good is your SSD drive storing video if they steal it along with anything else? Protect your SSD drive, documents, etc. Large enough for most common compact handguns, although check local laws for legal suitability for this use.

Two models are available. One for 2017-2020, and one for 2021-2023 Model 3 or Y. Tesla doesn’t change designs strictly on a model year, but if you have a flip-up cover, then get the 2017-2020 model. If you have a sliding cover, then get the 2021-2023 model.

Two materials are available: 3D printed from Matte PLA or Carbon-Fiber infused PETG for higher temperature resistance. If you keep Cabin Overheat Protection on all of the time, as I do, then PLA is fine. If you sometimes don’t have it on during a hot and sunny day, then you will want the PETG.

Comes with plastic parts, lock, and stainless-steel screws. Some assembly required. You must mount the lock on the cover, and then mount the assembly to the car using the Philips screws. Test fit before screwing it in to make sure that it is level and that the Tesla console cover will close over it.

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2017-2020, 2021-2023


Standard, Carbon Fiber