RAM Ball Mount for Scotty Mount


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First you need to glue a Scotty Mount to your boat. You can buy it from here:


Prep the boat with Acetone and mask off the position with masking tape. Then glue.

AquaSeal (also sold at Dick’s or REI): https://amzn.to/345u7xq
Or get HH-66 if you want a lot more glue: https://amzn.to/3v8BeBd

Bolt on my ball adapter with the stainless steel hardware that is included in the Scotty Mount. I recommend adding optional stainless-steel 1/4 inch washers and lock washers.

Now mount any RAM accessory on the ball. You can get mounts for chart-plotters or phones. Here is one possibility:


Then use the hardware that came with the Scotty Mount

Note that only my ball adapter is included. Will ship worldwide. These are made from tough resin and then painted black.



Only this part included

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Weight 4 oz