Networking with the EPAX X1 LCD-SLA Printer

The EPAX X1 is capable of networking using hardwired ethernet. To set this up, first install the latest firmware from here:

To install, put both files onto a USB memory stick, insert the stick into the printer, and power on the printer. You will hear a series of beeps. Wait until they finish, and then check the version using the Info screen to make sure that it updated.

Now unscrew the four screws on the back side of the enclosure, and plug in an ethernet cable (the green cable in the photo). Plug the other end into your router or switch.

Using the front panel control, enter the network setup area:

Now toggle the network type. While WiFi is shown as an option, there is no WiFi hardware inside the printer, so you must use a cable. Push the switch in the upper left of the touch-screen to enable the ethernet connection. If you see an IP address fill in, it is working. A green LED should now be illuminated where the cable plugged in.

Now load the latest version of ChiTuBox, version 1.4.0 or newer, and slice a file. You will be presented with the option to save the sliced file, or send it to the network.

Select “Network Sending,” and you should see all of the EPAX printers that you have connected to your network. If this is your first time, you may need to select the refresh icon.

Note that you can click on the pencil icon and rename what each IP address is called.

Now press the send button. You should see it showing the progress where it says “Send file to the printer…”

When the sending is complete, it will ask if you would like to print the file. If you say OK, then it will start printing. If you hit Cancel, then the it won’t print, but the file will now be on the printer’s SD USB memory card for you to later start it manually from the printer’s touch screen.

If you would like to make the machine wireless using WiFi, you can probably make it work using a wireless bridge. Here are some untested referral-link examples:

I hope that helps get you up and running without resorting to the sneaker net.